Resource Recovery Park

Your One Stop Public Disposal Site and Purchase of Landscape Materials

Bulk Trash Disposal
– Furniture
– Construction Debris
– Household Trash

Yard Waste Recycling
– Brush/Clean Lumber
– Yard Waste Bags
– Concrete

For more detailed list please see the Accepted/Unaccepted Items Tab

– Plastic #1 and #2
– Cardboard
– Glass
– Paper, paperboard and newspapers (not shredded)
– Aluminum cans
– Tin/Steel cans

Everything must be separated into it’s appropriate container on site. (containers are labeled)

Landscape Materials for Sale
– Compost
– Natural Mulch
– Oak Bark Mulch
– Black, Brown, and Red Mulch

For more information please see the pricing tab.

Household Hazardous Waste Free Store

Pick up ONLY!
Paint/Spray Paint and Stains
Household Cleaners
Auto Fluids
Pesticides and Herbicides